There is no coffee machine with one buttoncapable of making good coffee. If everyone starts to regulate the office coffee machine in their own way, people do not work because the regulated coffee machine, or do not work because it is not regulated and is unpalatable coffee. And without all that often have to fill the water clean out leftovers, but the man just wanted to make a coffee ..
Develop a vending machine office coffee needs, which is easy and convenient to use, with one function- make coffee. The apparatus has large tank of water, coffee and waste.
Coffee machine design and technical solutions must be such that no significant increase in the cost of production at the production of 10, 100, 500 units.
Developed ascetic design coffee machine housing - equal to the task. Housing integrated and tested reliable coffeemaker. All settings and adjustments performed vending company employee according to the selected coffee.
Coffee machine body is of aluminum, which is made with a standard metal-working machines not making dies, thereby reducing production costs.
CLIENT: Pando, Ltd.
DESIGN: Kaspars Endols
DEVELOPMENT: Studio Vulgaris 2012